Tutu is a travel planning service. There is a schedule for each type of transport. When purchasing air and railway tickets, a customer receives bonus points from the airline and railway. The service has the newsletter, to inform about promotions and promo codes for Tutu.

You can use a promo code when traveling by train, as well as when purchasing a tour. Promo codes can’t be used when purchasing air or bus tickets.

Using a promo code when buying train tickets

  1. Enter destination and date.
  2. Enter passenger data.
  3. In the Payment method section find a field saying “I have a promo code”.

Using a promo code when buying a tour

  1. Enter the destination and date.
  2. In the Passenger data section, there is a field saying “Enter promo code” next to the total amount.

Tutu promotions and promo codes

Points are awarded for each order; the more orders you place, the more bonuses you get. You can get up to 2% points for every purchase. In the future, you can use bonuses to pay for new orders or additional services.

The service provides 3 types of privileges:

  • free baggage insurance when travelling by plane;
  • a 50% discount on medical insurance when traveling by train;
  • 50% off on special ticket refund conditions.

New users get these privileges for free and can use them an unlimited number of times within 3 months of registration. Then, you will have to spend points to use them again.

Airlines often offer discounts on tickets, for example, when the flight is already tomorrow, but not all tickets are sold yet. Or, there are a few months before departure, but the airline needs money right now. You cannot know in advance when and which airline will offer a discount. The service keeps track of air tickets daily and publishes each new promotion and special offers of Tutu in a special section.

Gift cards for railway tickets

A good gift for a traveler is an e-certificate for the purchase of railway tickets. When buying a gift card, you need to enter an e-mail or phone number, choose a date, write a greeting – and the recipient will receive a gift card on that day.

Certificates have several types of design and a nominal value ranging from $1 to $130. In fact, this is just a Tutu coupon for a discount, which is valid only on the site. You can’t use it anywhere else.

Inquiry office

This is a special section that contains a lot of useful information for travelers. For example, here you can learn how to change a ticket, check in at the airport, make a report for a business trip, and much more. Some articles come with an explanatory video.


Stories is a section for travelers who want to share their stories and experiences and give useful advice. You can find life hacks for saving money, unusual travel routes, and vacation stories. This category will be useful for anyone who is going to travel. Here one can find like-minded people for their next vacation.